“Dave is one of those people who is as comfortable explaining safety concepts to workers on the shop floor as he is in a board room explaining the economic benefits of a pro-active safety program. His experience and knowledge of Cal/OSHA’s regulations make him a valuable resource for employers.”
Fred Walter , Attorney Of Counsel at Conn Maciel Carey LLP Specializing in OSHA and Related Laws
“Dave is one of the first safety professionals I met when I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and I’ve had the privilege of working with him on a number of projects. He is professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and a pleasure to work with! He has decades of experience in safety, risk management, as a presenter, and has further served as an expert witness in a number of safety-related cases. I highly recommend Dave!”
Kahlilah Guyah, CHMM, CSP, EHS Compliance Services Inc Consultant|CEO|Speaker
“Dave Smith is the Top in his field. He is knowledgeable, resourceful and a delight to work with!”
Debra McClintic, Director of Purchasing – Construction
“Thank you for coming out Dave! It was a pleasure meeting you. Even though we have gone over this topic many times I believe our Foremen learned a lot from your presentation.”
S.B., Human Resources/Safety Coordinator Painting Co.
“Thank you, Dave for providing one of several great workshops to our audience at the County 28th annual safety seminar. Your session on “How to Conduct an Incident Investigation” piqued additional interest in attendees wanting to learn more about doing the HOW. Great job!”
Tyler Nguyen CSP REP, Santa Clara County (CA) Environmental Health & Safety Director and Ambassador at Public Agency Safety Management Association
“Dave is an outstanding safety and risk management consultant. He works very effectively with many different personalities and get results from them all. Dave is detail oriented and an excellent resource when OSHA comes calling or whenever you have a critical situation. Dave’s calm collected manner is perfect to handle the chaos. He can create programs that are realistic and help you implement and monitor them for maximum results. Using Dave Smith gives a company an edge on safety and compliance.”
Larry Heischman, General & Risk Manager at R & S Erection, Inc.